Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fluke or Trend? Fish Oil vs Heart Disease Part 2

Remember the JAMA study that came out last week concluding no heart benefit from fish oil?  I followed up that post the next day with one that looked for spin, but more from the authors via their abstracts.  However, it's also interesting to see how others interpret the news, especially from industry experts with something to sell vs those without a dog in race, so to speak.  As expected, the experts shilling for supplement manufacturers have done a nice review of the literature supporting their point, noting the various studies documenting benefit from fish oil supplementation.  The editorial & review from someone without anything to sell was a bit more reserved, in that while agreeing with the other data supporting benefit, she also pointed out that fish oil wasn't a panacea & miracle supplement able to fix one's ills overnight.  In fact, she concluded that it's still better to our nutrition from our diet rather than pills, an option that was conveniently overlooked by the manufacturers' experts.  It's only if you can't, that supplements come in handy.  But pills shouldn't be relied upon to defend against poor lifestyle choices.

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