Ask Me, I'm A Doctor! (UPDATED 11/12!)

Have you ever had a burning medical question but didn't know who to ask? Or you were too embarrassed to ask your physician? I tried looking through LinkedIn but their "Health Care" section doesn't appear to attract or focus on medical questions. Well, it turns out that you can ask medical questions at Avvo, HealthTap & Wellsphere and wait for an answer. I know because I've answered a few. And no, I have no financial (or other) interest in those websites or their creators, besides making a good reputation for myself. I just happened to stumble upon them while looking for websites that had my information.

Family Medicine Q&A
Geriatric Q&A
Urology Q&A

The above is just a sample from when I first started answering questions.  I've now expanded to Neurology & Endocrinology questions at as well as Healthy Living, Aging & Senior Health, Alzheimer's & DementiaMen's Health, Women's Health, Menopause, and other communities at

But remember that these forums & boards don't replace your family physician.  And if there's any possibility that you might have an emergency, don't wait for a reply & answer to your question from someone on the board or forum.  Always seek emergent medical attention & evaluation if there's any possibility that you have a life threatening condition.

Update:  As of April 2012, I've focused my time & energies on answering questions on and, both of which allow for answers only from physicians (and much less spam).

Update:  Towards the end of November 2012, HealthTap acquired Avvo Health such that I only have one forum from which to provide answers,  Unfortunately, all my Avvo links are dead as a result of this takeover.  However, if you really want to find my answer to that specific question, copy, paste & search in the HealthTap website as all my answers were ported over.