About This Blog

This blog is my attempt to force myself to stay up-to-date on the latest medical literature.  It is also my attempt to read critically and interpret for the sake of my patients and the residents & students I teach.  Finally, it is my attempt to reach out to a larger audience via the weekly Q&A sessions and hopefully garner some new patients.

As such, I receive absolutely no funding for this blog.  You shouldn't find any advertising per se either although I've linked a few badges that I've received for my writing efforts.  However, I receive nothing else from these other websites besides the notoriety of said badges.

One final note:  this blog and its contents are not intended to provide any specific medical advice nor to replace your physician or other health care professional but rather serve as a complement to your provider and provoke thought and discussion.  See the disclaimer for a more legal way of putting it.

Reviewed 8 February 2013