Friday, February 1, 2013

No Heart Benefit From Selenium

February is American Heart Month.  Which means that everyone will be crawling out of the woodwork with their private label supplement that is amazingly better than anything else on the market, which is what allows them to market their supplement at 10x average cost, then offer a dramatic 50% off discount.  Call me a cynic but I don't believe in selling you Alvin's Best Multivitamin & Supplement to improve what ails you.  Instead, I make every attempt to support my recommendations with peer-reviewed data published in reputable journals (I don't believe in self-publishing medical research).

I mention all this because many will still prey on unsuspecting citizens to deprive them of their hard-earned retirement funds.  The nutritional supplement industry is constantly promoting one vitamin or supplement after another as the latest miracle for some chronic disease.  But in another meta-analysis published online in the Cochrane Summaries, the authors concluded that Selenium made no difference for prevention of heart disease.

So while we attempt to eat properly, exercise regularly & take medications as directed, consider entertaining the idea that perhaps this study didn't provide any benefit because the participants had a high period level of Selenium already.  Just something to gnaw on . . .

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