Friday, November 30, 2012

HealthTap + Avvo = HealthTap

Wow!  Over 1,451 links on my website just went poof!  Back in January 2011, I started answering health-related questions on a newish website,, that was originally focused on rating attorneys but had decided to expand into the physician arena.  Every weekend, I'd try to spend some time composing thoughtful (so I hoped) answers to folks who'd posted online.  More recently, I stumbled onto and started answering health-related questions there, too.  Instantly, my stress doubled (I'd made the executive decision to stop posting directly on a 3rd site) since I had twice as many answers to compose.  

But I'm just an unpaid volunteer who has no idea of the machinations behind the scenes so you can imagine my surprise when I received an email 2 days ago stating that Avvo was dropping its physician ratings in order to focus on attorneys.  Instead, they had handed off their physicians to HealthTap, the new kid on the block.  I didn't think anything of it until I receive a confirmatory email from HealthTap yesterday stating that they'd acquired Avvo Health.

So you can imagine my surprise when I went to click on one of my Avvo answers only to find that it lead to nothing but a page directing me to HealthTap.  In fact, all 1,451 of my Avvo answer links lead to this same page.  If I conservatively estimate that each answer (I didn't post the 1st 88 answers) takes 5 minutes to compose, type & post, that's 120+ hours down the drain.  Truthfully, it takes much more than that since Avvo allowed me to add links to my answers (plus it takes time to post the questions to this website and then sum it up in a 140 character tweet).  And you know me - I like to have published proof to support my recommendations so most of my Avvo answers required additional time to find requisite links.  Obviously I'm not a happy camper right now!  RIP Avvo Health.

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